The 5 Best Dewalt Table Saws in 2016

DEWALT is a company that started in 1924 by Raymond DeWalt. Two years previously Mr. DeWalt had figured out how to perfect the first woodworking machine of its kind. The discovery lead to the first plant being stationed in Pennsylvania. Throughout the years, the demand for DEWALT products soared and the company had to branch out in order to meet demand.

During war time, DEWALT products found their home with government contracts to help produce machines that would be used for the nation’s defense.

The years passed and DEWALT becomes more tool oriented. In the early 1990’s, DEWALT was ahead of the game when it came to power tools. This trend has continued to this day.

The company produces most of their products in the United States using globalized materials. DEWALT prides itself on their contribution to the table saw industry. Each of the DEWALT products is backed by a 90 day money back guarantee, followed by a 1 year service contract, and a 3 year limited warranty.

DEWALT is a brand dedicated to quality.

Reviews for the 5 Best DEWALT Table Saws

The following list provides information about various DEWALT table saws reviews based on their popularity.


DEWALT DW745The DEWALT DW745 is an Amazon best seller when it comes to portable table saws. The lightweight portable table saw uses a 15 amp motor to achieve a rip capacity of 20 inches, while spinning the blade at 3,850 revolutions per minute. The unique table surface has a protective coat to decrease friction, which allows the saw to operate smoothly. The portable saw is able to produce 3 1/8” cuts at 90 degrees and 2 1/4 “cuts at 45 degrees. A 2.5 inch dust port allows the operator to connect a shop vacuum to the table saw to ensure a clean work environment.


The lightweight design makes the DEWALT DW745 the optimal choice for job site table saws. This product is insured with a 3 year limited warranty.

Small handles on the side of the saw provide enough grip to allow the operator to move the saw from job site to job site with ease.


Lighter table saws have been known to be noisier than their professional counterparts.

The lightweight structure does little to protect against vibration during operation. A stable base will help to remedy the issue.

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Dewalt DWE7491RSThis jobsite saw produces a 32.5 inch rip capacity, an impressive feat for a 15 amp motor. This table saw gains its mobility with the use of a rolling stand, that provides mobility options and a more stable base for the table saw. The stand comes with an additional feature, it folds up to make storage possible. The fence utilizes a rack and pinion system that allows for quick fence adjustments to be quicker and smoother. The DEWALT DWE7491RS is capable of handling large cutting projects while having the precision to handle smaller fine detailed cuts.


This DEWALT table saw will accept a dado blade; however dado blades will have to be purchased separately.

The blade depth produced at 90 degrees is 3 1/8” at 45 degrees the depth produced is 2 1/4 “

The table saw is equipped with a 2.5 inch dust port that is used to collect dust and provides assess where a shop vacuum can be attached to rid the unit of any additional dust that could obstruct the project.


Some desired accessories have to be purchased separately.

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Dewalt DWE7480XAThe 15 amp motor is able to rip through 24 inches while producing 4,800 revolutions per minute. This compact, portable table saw has a pinion and rack system that works to make adjustments faster. With a rip capacity of 24 inches, the DW37480XA can power through hardwood and large shelving. The patented Site Pro Modular Guarding System provides adjustments that are tool free of all the guarding components for the unit.

The blade tilt can be adjusted up to 45 degrees. The saw comes equipped with adjustable rear feet that provide a way to level the saw when dealing with uneven surfaces. The table is coated with a substance that reduces friction and allows the materials to glide through the blade.

The standard 2.5 inch dust port is available for dust extraction. This feature minimizes cleanup time. An intriguing feature of the DWE7480XA is the roll cage base. This metal roll cage provides a more durable base compared to plastic bases that are normally associated with job site table saws.


The 15 amp motor can produce 4,800 revolutions per minute while ripping through a capacity of 24 inches.

The standard 10” blade comes as a 24 tooth carbide blade that is used to enhance the quality of the cut and extends the life of the blade.

The stand has the capacity to fold flat, allowing for storage and easier transportability.


In order to use a dado blade, the riving knife needs to be removed. Removing the riving knife is not suggested and lowers the safety of the table saw.

The infeed length is measuring around 4.5” which has caused some safety concerns with other reviewers.

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Dewalt DW744XRSThe powerful 15 amp motor is capable of producing 3,650 revolutions per minute. The rolling stand provides the needed support to maintain mobility. The same stand that provides mobility, also folds up to help improve storage. This table saw has a built in electronic feedback system that works to keep the blade at a steady speed. This electronic feedback provides more accurate cuts during operation. Another feature that promotes accuracy in the table saw is the internal motor that works to stabilize the arbor which decreases vibrations. The table saw rests on its own saw stand that provides a working height of 30 inches from the floor. This height is considered the ideal height for keeping projects under control.


The guarding system utilizes tool free adjustments with the Site-Pro Modular Guarding System.

Dust collection ports are available that help to collect dust so that can later be vacuumed out. This makes clean up faster and more efficient.

The table saw uses telescoping fence rails to allow the unit to be transported with ease.

The DEWALT DW744XRS has built in storage capabilities for the push stick and other guarding components.

The DW744XRS will accept dado blades.


There have been reported issues about keeping the fence aligned.


DEWALT DWE7490XThe 15 amp motor is capable of reaching rip capacity at 28 inches. The DEWALT DWE7490X provides a convenient table saw for a fraction of the price. This DEWALT comes equipped with a scissor stand that helps to promote stability while the table saw is operating. The system relies on a telescoping rail system to help extend the fence and to retract it when it is time to relocate. This adjustability allows the DEWALT to cut the finest material as well as the large material. All DEWALT table saws come equipped with Guarding Systems used to keep the operator safe while they are operating the table saw. 2 inch dust ports are positioned on the DEWALT to maintain a clean environment by collecting dust and debris accumulated while the saw is operating.


The table measures 26.25”-22” which provides the basis of support for the material being cut through.

The product weighs under 100 pounds, making it easy to move between job sites.

The 15 amp motor is powered by a normal 120 volt outlet, which allows this table saw to be used in a variety of different locations.

The table saw uses telescoping fence rails to allow the unit to be transported with ease.

The DEWALT DWE7490X has built in storage for the push stick and other guarding system components.


Many people have reported displeasure at the scissor stand that is normally available with this table saw. The stand has been reported to provide stability, but to be too bulky and hard to move, which can impair mobility.

There have been reported issues with faulty miter gauges.

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DEWALT is a brand that people have come to trust for decades. DEWALT is one of the leading names in table saws and finds an especially good following with their portable or jobsite table saws. DEWALT tools are built for precision, accuracy, and durability. The products that DEWALT produces are intended to last for decades.