5 Best Cabinet Table Saws in 2016

Cabinet saws are the sturdy, heavy, and more precise type of table saws. Their cast iron frames provide the weight for the stability needed for precise cuts. They are excellent choices for working on large projects as they can rip through large items such as sheet stock and plywood.

Cabinet table saws are standard in professional woodworking shops. They are constructed through a mix of steel and cast iron that is needed to support the larger motors that they need to produce a high amount of revolutions per minute. This added weight allows the cabinet table saws to be more stable and less noisy, an attractive feature for many professionals. In addition, a typical cabinet table saw houses its motor within an enclosed cabinet space.

Cabinet table saws are not intended to be portable and are more suited to professionals seeking a long term investment. They are larger than most power machines and take up a significant amount of space within the workshop. These are not tools that a person purchases on a whim. They are investments.

In order to find the best cabinet table saws, many aspects have to be taken into consideration. The first is precision, operators want a machine that will produce precision results. Next there is the durability, with any investment durability is key. Then there is price, these table saws are investments. This means spending thousands of dollars to procure the perfect table saw.

The Best Cabinet Table Saw Reviews

The list provides reviews for the highest performing cabinet table saws.

1. SawStop PCS31230

SawStop PCS31230One of the biggest selling points for the SawStop PCS31230 is its capability to collect 99% of the dust accumulated while operating the saw. The saw has a unique blade guard that helps to gather fine dust particles that are left on the work station. The dust is delivered to a 4 inch collection port.

The SawStop is equipped with a riving knife, a feature that helps to minimize the occurrence of kickback and helps provide protection during non through cutting. A left tilting blade provides assistance in preventing the wood from binding to or against the fence. The SawStop PCS31230 Professional Cabinet Saw needs the standard 220 volt power source to operate. This feature is perfect for hobbyists.

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  1. SawStop strives for safety. Each SawStop saw comes equipped with a sensor that indicates when a person’s body parts come into contact with the saw. Once this sensor is triggered, the blade immediately stops operation. This safety feature turns what would have been a potential amputation into a small cut.
  2. The PCS31230 comes equipped with a 3 horsepower motor with a fully enclosed cabinet base.


  1. This table saw weighs close to 500 pounds. This weight increases difficulty in moving the saw.

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2. Delta 10 Inch Unisaw

Delta 10 Inch Unisaw

The Delta saw is equipped with a bevel dial that operates to finely tune the blade bevel to an accuracy within .25 of an inch. The improved geometry of the table provides a more stable surface area to work on. The cabinet is constructed using a strong cast iron base and utilizes a trunnion system to help reduce noise when in operation.

The Delta has one of the largest blade openings in cabinet saws that allows the riving knife and the blade to be adjusted for maximum precision. Dual front cranks enable the operator to adjust the blade as many times as necessary without risking injury.

The Delta uses a 2 level dust extraction technique that implements a collector hose with a sloping cabinet that helps to navigate where dust travels. The closed bevel gauge provides a sealed interior, this unique combination produces a higher level of dust collection to improve visibility and promote safety.


  1. The Delta saw comes with a 3 horsepower motor and a ripping capacity of 52 inches.
  2. The cast trunnion system contributes to stability by producing less vibrations than other cabinet table saws.
  3. The power switch can be operated from any angle, allowing a quick power off option.
  4. Delta backs its products with a 5 year limited warranty.
  5. Biesemeyer fence system is utilized to provide hairline pointers and built in tape that allows for a more precise setup.


  1. This product weights over 650 pounds, making mobility limited. Operators will require assistance to move and set up this cabinet saw.

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Description: The Jet comes with a rapid release riving knife and uses integrated arbor locks to maintain efficiency and safety. The Jet upgraded operation by using Poly V belts in a drive system that provides smoother operations and optimal transfer of power throughout the unit.

The blade is shrouded, a feature that allows for more efficient dust collection. The Jet uses a 230 volt power source and the 3 horsepower motor can produce over 4,300 revolutions per minute. The power switches integrate magnetic technology that are easy to reach and protect from overload.


  1. Jet is equipped with a rapid release riving knife that helps to reduce kickback risk and binding.
  2. The Poly V drive belt provides quieter operation for the cabinet table saw.
  3. The Jet is a 3 horsepower cabinet saw that is equipped with a rip capacity of 50 inches.
  4. This product comes with a 5 year limited warranty.
  5. Operators can use a dado blade with this Jet cabinet saw.
  6. Setup can be accomplished in under 3 hours with the right assembly tools.


  1. This product weighs over 500 pounds, which limits mobility options. Assistance is required when setting up this cabinet saw.

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4. Powermatic PM1000 1791000K

Powermatic PM1000 1791000KPowermatic has produced one of the most energy efficient cabinet table saws on the market. The unit needs access to 115 V of power instead of the normal 220 V. The included blade comes in the standard 10 inch. The surrounded blade and collection hose works together to provide an unobstructed path which maximizes dust collection.

The power switch is hands free which adds a layer of safety to the power unit. The miter gauge is capable of pivoting up to 60 degrees in either direction, allowing for a larger range of cuts.


  1. The Powermatic only needs access to 115 volts of power. Many reviewers have praised the Powermatic for managing energy efficiency with power.
  2. This product is backed by a 5 year limited warranty.
  3. The miter gauge pivots up to 60 degrees in both directions, allowing for the perfect cut.
  4. The Powermatic uses a tool free guard assembly with independent side leaves.


  1. The weight of this Powermatic product is over 400 pounds. If you are purchasing from an online company, the weight of the unit, can be too much for delivery men to handle. This can affect shipping potential.
  2. The dado insert does not come with the standard purchase of this cabinet table saw.  Dado Insert 708097 can be bought separately and is the correct dado insert for the Powermatic.

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5. Shop Fox W1820

Shop Fox W1820The Shop Fox is built for the long haul. The 3 horsepower engine powers a 3 belt system that minimizes the noise output of the cabinet saw. Some of the appealing features of the Shop Fox is the magnetic power switch, heavy cast hand wheels, riving knife, a camlock T-fence, 4 inch dust collection port, and a T slot miter gauge that supports fence extensions. The W1820 comes with an assembled blade guard that has a see through polycarbonate shield, anti-kickback pawls, and a spreader.

The polycarbonate guard provides visual assess for the operator when the blade is in operation. This safety measure is designed to lift when the workpiece is pushed into the blade and operates to remain in direct contact with the material throughout the whole cut.

The anti-kickback pawls keep the material travelling in one direction. If for any reason the material tries to move backwards, such as in kickback, the pawls operate to dig into the material to slow it down or stop it completely.


  1. This 3 horsepower engine rips through a 50 inch capacity.
  2. This product is protected by a 2 year warranty.
  3. The spreader consists of a metal plate that averts newly cut kerf from pinching the back of the blade which would cause a kickback response.


  1. This product does not come with an arbor lock system. Many reviewers have found they needed 2 wrenches to change out the blades.
  2. Many reviewers haven’t been satisfied with the included blade when they bought the product. After a blade replacement, this saw was met with favorable reviews.

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